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Performance Powder Coating (PPC) is the area leader in coatings for all applications. PPC has our over 40 years of combined experience and expertise in the coating industry. While we offer traditional powder coating services, it does not stop there; high temp, ceramic coatings, heat dissipation coatings, Plascoat™, Cast Fortress™, Dura Fortress™, and so much more.

Presented with a coating dilemma? Parts too big for traditional ovens? Looking for outsourcing to reduce costs? Just looking for that something "special" to set your project apart? Look no further, any request can be accommodated, PPC specializes in the stuff regular powder coaters just can not handle.

We are not simply a coating services provider but a coating SOLUTIONS provider. We are the ONLY authorized applicator for Dura Fortress™ and Cast Fortress™ products which were developed by Coatings LTD a division of PPC. The PPC expert staff can provide custom coating solutions no matter what the application or requirements. Our capabilities include custom formulations, custom colors, UV resistance, corrosion protection, restoration, and more!

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Exclusive treatments only found at PPC

Dura Fortress™

Our Dura Fortress™ treatment represents years of research and development and has resulted in a superior protective coating for the automotive enthusiast. Designed with the same chemical backbone as the Ultra Performance treatments, Dura Fortress™ provides a long lasting protective finish for both decorative and performance automotive components. With remarkable adhesion characteristics, Dura Fortress™ can be used on a variety of surfaces thereby keeping parts and accessories looking like new.
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Cast Fortress™

Cast Fortress™ is a new process that takes your cast iron parts and restores them to the original factory finish and protects them for life! Unlike paints that can chip and fade and coatings that need frequent application, Cast Fortress™ is a one-time application that guards against fading, oxidation, grease and chemical stains, as well as other contaminants that can ruin the finish of your cast iron parts. Cast Fortress™ is the only product specifically formulated to preserve the original factory finish of cast parts for high end restorations of classic vehicles, and retains that finish forever!
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