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USDA & FDA Approved Coatings

PPC again takes pride in our diversified treatment and coating lines. We are the only “CERTIFIED” BURKE INDUSTRIES stainless steel USDA & FDA applicators in the Midwest. The patented stainless steel coating are so durable, they will handle high detergent / antibacterial wash downs commonly used in the food industry, highly protective and anti corrosive. PPC can offer an “ANTIMICROBIAL” finish that is direct contact USDA/FDA Certified for food & Consumables. Commercial & Residential Kitchens, Food process equipment, Hospital & Nursing home handrails and equipment, are only a few of the applications!

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USDA & FDA Approved Coating Projects Spotlight

This sausage prep kitchen has a number of surfaces treated with certified, FDA and USDA anti microbial treatments.

These apple conveyors have been coated with an ultra durable stainless steel powder coating. Then protected with an anti microbial top coat, for the ultimate food safe environment.

Coated with an anti microbial barrier finish, these tanks are used in, Dairy foods processing.

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